Prog Out with Rush – Xanadu

When I think of the greatest bands of all time, my mind drifts to the Great White North to the boys from Toronto, Rush. In my opinion, no other prog rock band loomed larger in the late 70’s and early 80’s than the Triumvirate of Geddy Lee on vocals/bass guitar/keyboards/, guitarist Alex Lifeson, and “the Professor”, Neil Peart on drums. 1981 captured the band at the peak of their creative power with their classic, Moving Pictures. Exit…Stage Left was a live album and video documenting the band on tour at this period. Exit was truly the album that started by obsession with these guys and the track that settled it all for me was the cut of Xanadu.

Originally recorded on 1977’s A Farewell to Kings, it is Rush at their proggiest and one of their finest songs. The ESL performance is so amazing that I cannot help but listen to it all the way through, every time. Geddy, Alex, and Neil are absolutely amazing and on top of their game and if you want a picture of what these guys were capable of at the height of their popularity, this supplies all you need to see. I was so excited to hear the guys play this again on the R40 Tour last summer and it was just as amazing to hear it again some 35 years later.




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